I keep my eyes wide open at all times and my mind at work. I love to travel but conclude there is no place like home. Dreams create my future, and love is what drives me. There is nothing more rewarding than creating something out of nothing but pure imagination - and I am the beholder of that. 

Stemming from the small city of Lethbridge, based in the flatlands of western Canada - I have always focused my attention on self expression. From a young age the arts captured my heart in portraying creativity, but once I picked up a camera I discovered a whole new world of exploration into myself. 

I have a deep desire to create using my camera- unlike many who capture true moments that people experience, I have a deeper longing to create fictitious personas of female subjects in the utter most disconnected moments of falsity. I would express this as my longing to be things that I am not - the unattainable. The unattainable lingers throughout my head and I am able to achieve a sense of contentment by allowing my subjects to capture a glimpse of that unreachable beauty. Whether it be the sway of the female form, the wisp of the hair pressing across her face, or the simple gestures of the hand - I am able to control the whole picture and bring forth a beautiful presence that is more pretend than real. I do not ask my subjects to come and be themselves- I ask them to emulate a character, and a figment of my imagination. Not only do these females hold a feminine quality but also a mix of eccentric darkness - they play the princess and the villain, the beauty and the beast, and become whatever I want them to imitate.